Linear drainage systems

If you want to have the very best shower drain systems, then you should consider upgrading to channel drains – performant and reliable, these relatively new types of drains have come a long way since they first appeared on the market.

They basically work in the same way as the other types of drains, the classic traditional point drain systems (which can be found incorporated in the ready-made shower room floors also). But the main difference is the way in which they collect all the water. If a traditional point drain is usually placed in the middle of the shower room and it collects the water on a reduced area, the linear drains are placed beside one of the walls (or in one of the corners of the wet room) and collect the area on a larger surface. And this is an essential change which was needed to be made.

Long and narrow profiles, the new and improved channel drains are a modern solution for any household – inconspicuous, they are much more effective at collecting larger volumes of water. At the same time, also depending on their length, they are much harder to clog, because it also collects the impurities on a larger area.

Because they are placed beside one of the walls (or in one of the corners), they are also much easier to install. If for installing a traditional point drain you had to have a concentric inclination of the tiles towards the opening of the drain, the tiles of the floor need to be have a minimal tilt towards the channel drain. This also reduced the risk of water infiltrating beneath the tiles and becoming stagnant.

The linear drain systems are so easy to install that you can do it all by yourself, just by following the instructions.

Usually, when renovating or when moving into a new home, people dismiss changing the drain system as being rather insignificant. And this is a very common mistake – especially if you have a certain design of the drain in mind. Consider changing everything and then having to start all over in the wet room, simply because the channel drains don’t fit – it will be a waste of both time and money.

Thankfully, we have the perfect solutions for you, solutions which can be found on our website. Whether you decide on the traditional point drains, whether you decide on the new and improved linear drains, it is all up to you – give us a call and we will point you towards the best purchase.

Besides that, we can also offer you the chance of personalizing your new drain system. From the shape of the drains to the design on the grating, from personalized inscriptions to LED lighting, everything is possible – give us a call and our teams will provide you with everything that you need. Tips…

Don’t let this be the last change that you make – make it your top priority and reduce all the risks which come with faulty or obsolete draining systems. Install channel drains or install traditional point ones and you will enjoy the most relaxing showers and baths ever.

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