A shower drain system for a modern household

You need to change your wet room gully if you are renovating or moving to a new house. We say that because most people see this as a low priority – after all, if it works it isn’t seen. And even if it is faulty you won’t observe it – you will notice that something is wrong when it will be too late. And you don’t want the water to flood the house or to infiltrate beneath the tiles or whatever – because this will brings various other problems, which won’t be strictly related with the drainage system.

So if you want to enjoy your morning showers and your evening baths just like anybody else, make this a top priority of yours – change and old and obsolete drainage system with a new and improved one. And we have the perfect modern answer for a modern household. Forget all about the tasteless ready-made shower room floors and forget about the traditional point drains, which are basically holes in the ground.

Have as a wet room gully the new and improved linear drains! Also called channel drains, these are long and narrow profiles which don’t collect the water straight into the actual drain – instead, they collect it on a larger area, thus diminishing the risk of clogging. And we all know that clogging is usually the reason why a drainage system can be considered faulty.

As opposed to the traditional drains, the channel drains are barely noticeable (if you want them to be, of course, and if you don’t install additional accessories, such as LED lighting). Being very narrow (though having a minimum opening), they are placed either beside one of the walls, either in one of the corners of the wet room. For this reason, the risk of infiltration is also greatly reduced.

If a traditional point drain requested a concentric tilt of the floor tiles towards it, you only need to have a small inclination of the tiles towards the channel drain. In this way, the linear drains are also much easier to install, besides reducing the risk of infiltration. This type of wet room gully system can also handle larger flows of water.

And these are just the main reasons why this new design is much better than the older one.

For even more modern households, there is also the option of personalizing these types of drains. And it starts with choosing the material from which they are made (from the basic stainless steel to the latest antimicrobial and water resistant compounds), to personalized designs of the gratings, to even installing additional accessories (as mentioned, the LED lighting). More…

If you can add a little of your own personality to your new purchase, why wouldn’t you?

Don’t dismiss the vital drainage system as being unimportant – even if you don’t notice it when it works, so many things depend on it. And, when you have the perfect modern alternative, you shouldn’t give this another thought – change it now and remove completely all the potential problems a faulty or obsolete drain system might bring you.

For a modern household, you need a modern wet room gully! Call us and we will point you towards the best purchase!

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