How to improve your shower drain system

If you are moving into a new house or you are just improving the life conditions of your home, don’t let the wet room drains be the last ones you choose – if you do so, you will encounter problems like you have never thought before. Just imagine choosing one drainage system and realizing that you have to break the wet room tiles because something doesn’t fit just right…

Or imagine making a purchase and installing it, but encountering problems later on because the new E.C.T wet room drain system cannot handle the water flow – this is pretty common, especially in the households with younger kids. You don’t really want that, do you? If you are making such an investment, then come to us from the start and we will give you all the indications needed.

As far as the draining systems are concerned, there used to be three alternatives: the traditional point drains, the readymade shower room floor, and the linear drains. At this moment, if you are searching for modern, reliable and stylish wet room drains, there is only one choice to be made.

And that is choosing the linear drains, also called channel drains. It is pretty easy to see why – long and narrow profiles, they collect the water on a larger are, thus handling larger volumes of water to be collected. Also, the risk of clogging and water infiltrating beneath the titles is greatly reduced. And they look way better than the traditional point ones.

Sure enough, the traditional drains look stylish enough nowadays – but they still resemble, basically, just holes in the ground. On the other hand, the linear drains are as unnoticeable as you want them to be. Placed in the corner of the wet room or beside one of the walls, it will be as if they aren’t there.

But they are. In the morning, after showering, you won’t have to worry about flooding your house, because the linear drains will do their job. In the evening, when loosening up during a bath, you won’t be annoyed by the smell of stagnant water beneath the tiles. And this isn’t all!

These types of wet room floor drains can be personalized in any way that you want it, adding to the aesthetics of the wet room – if you can make it stylish and not just reliable, why wouldn’t you do it?How to improve your shower drain system

There are quite a few ways of personalizing your new linear drains. You can choose the material from which they are made, with the latest antimicrobial alloys, you can choose the design of the gratings, you can choose to make personalized inscriptions on the gratings, and you can even choose to install LED lighting on them.

This is indeed the drain system for a modern household. It isn’t just reliable, it actually looks good!

So, whether you are planning on moving, whether you are just trying to increase the quality of your lifestyle, don’t make this choice your last. Choose from the very start the drainage system which is easy to install, reliable, low maintenance, and which actually makes your wet room look beautiful.

Pay us a visit and ask our teams of professional how they can help you. With a smile on their face, they will point you in the right direction. Make your wet room channel drains purchase now and enjoy soothing and relaxing baths.

This is the only certain investment you can make.