Elegant and durable swimming pools

If you want to signal that you have increased the quality of your life, then choose any of our Styrofoam swimming pools designs! Better yet, come up with your own idea – our designers will find a way to make it happen. Bring to us pictures from your travels, pictures from magazines, bring your ideas to the table – they shouldn’t be pictures of swimming pools at all. If you have a general idea as to what would be perfect, our designers will more than happy to work what you brought them.

Because of the materials being used, these types of swimming pools can take any size and shape you want them to. The simplest designs (which can be found at us) mean ordering the ready-made blocks and have them delivered and installed in your backyard. But, again, considering the malleability of the materials used, as well as the low prices given the off-season, everybody can find the Styrofoam swimming pools of their dreams.

Despite the name, Styrofoam isn’t the only material used. For example, the bottom is made from smooth concrete slabs, while additional waterproofing is ensured by PVC layers. Stainless steel is usually used for the stairs, while the walls are also reinforced with steel buttresses – this makes the pool even more resistant.

Just give us a call and find out more about the swimming pool of your dreams.

But you should consider some things before doing that. And the most important one is the budget you have – while building the pool itself may be cheaper during the off-season, all the costs that will follow should be taken into consideration. Then you should also consider the space that you have in your backyard, or wherever you want the swimming pool installed (it may as well be an indoor inground swimming pool, though the maintenance costs will rise afterwards).

Everything else comes after these two points are settles – the size, the shape, the extra-features and the accessories. As far as the size and shape are concerned, you are the one who has a clear idea as to what you want. However, while the essential features will be installed free of charge (features such as the water circulation pump, the sand filter pump, the water heater, and so on), everybody should consider extra-features and accessories for their Styrofoam swimming pools – after all, a pool is not just a beautiful hole in the ground filled with water.

And the first one everybody should consider is the new screen touch display (which comes, at the client’s request, with a remote control). With a single touch of a button, anybody can monitor and regulate all the features and systems of the swimming pool. The temperature of the water can be increased this way easily, while certain malfunctions can be prevented (the most usual one being the clogging of the sand filter pump).

An extra feature which should also be considered is the mechanical covering of the pool, which helps the aforementioned pump by preventing the impurities from falling into the water, when the pool isn’t used. A robust covering can also prevent accidents during the off-season.

People usually consider building swimming pools in the spring or summer – however, this is when the prices go higher. Winter is the best moment of the year when one should look for the cheapest prices for Styrofoam swimming pools. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you – we will certainly meet all your high standards.

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